Coherence Therapy

Coherence Therapy (previously known as Depth Oriented Brief Therapy) was founded by Bruce Ecker and Laurel Hulley in the 1990s.

This type of therapy is non-pathologizing, and views symptoms as both causing suffering and as being protective or serving important functions. Symptoms were adaptively formed out of previous experiences and can become activated in the present, even if they no longer serve us.

People often come to me saying they can "logically" or "rationally" understand something,

but that when they feel a certain way or are in certain situations, all that logic goes out the window. This is likely because we have learned to hold certain beliefs about ourselves, others or the world when very emotional things happened. If the link between the beliefs we learned and the strong emotions that go with them are outside of our awareness, then situations, memories or interactions can drive our symptoms in a way we feel we have no control over or understanding of.   



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